Beyoncé Has Became The Fastest Selling Album On iTunes (Report)


It has been reported that Beyoncé album has exceeded the historical fastest level of selling on iTunes. Hence, Apple confirmed the report via a press release. [Read more...]

How To Downgrade iOS 7 Beta To iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4?

Here we are going to provide you an easy tutorial on How to Downgrade iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4. The whole process is not so difficult, just you have to concentrate on it. [Read more...]

Download Gangstar Vegas For iDevices From App Store [Download Link]

The popular French games maker Gameloft has just announced to release Gangstar Vegas for iDevices. Now, get ready for your trip to the great city of Las Vegas and enjoy killing some peoples and travelling around the whole city in this adventurous game. Scroll down to see what it has got! [Read more...]

Put iPhone 4/3GS On The DFU Mode [Detailed Tutorial]

Many of the users might be willing to put their iPhone 4/3GS on the DFU mode. If really, then you have come to the right place and here we will provide you step-by-step tutorial after the jump. [Read more...]

Fix iTunes Errors 2000, 2003 and 2005

Fix iTunes error

iTunes errors 2000, 2003 and 2005 can be fixed by uninstalling some programs.

Go To Control Panel –> Programs and Features and uninstall the programs below:

Apple mobile device
Apple application support
Apple software update
Quick Time

When you are done removing those programs, Download and install iTunes 10.4.1

The errors should be fixed now.

Download Itunes 10.4.1 For Windows And Mac


It wasn’t a very long time ago that Apple brought into our lives the iTunes 10.4. Excitement tingled in our spines, many rejoiced the new version of the app, but never, did the critics ever stop trying to find glitches in the Apple iTunes. And soon enough, they succeeded with flying colors and discovered some critical issues and bugs in the app’s system. Some of which would be the inability to assign custom artwork to music files and inconsistent placement of media keys.

Apple, the perfectionists they are, soon addressed these issues and started working on them. The result of those sleepless hours by the Apple wizards is finally in front of us; the iTunes 10.4.1. The iTunes 10.4.1 has just been released for both Mac & Windows users, with many big fixes and performance enhancements. It’s time to Rock-n-Roll, Apple People!!

Here’s a list of the fixes and improvements in the iTunes 10.4.1:

Fixes third-party keyboards inconsistency with iTunes
Fixes issues with customizing artwork to songs and videos
Resolves the issue of iTunes becoming unresponsive when purchasing an HD movie
Fixes iTunes problem that may cause it to take longer than expected to open waking your Mac from sleep (Mac)
Fixes issues with VoiceOver support (Mac)
Includes QuickTime 7.7 (Windows)

To download the new version of iTunes for Windows & Mac, please click on this link.

iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 Release for Registered Apple Developers

iOS 5 Beta 6 has been released but in order to sync iDevices having iOS 5 Beta 6, you’ll need iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 which is also, only available to registered Apple developers.


This release can be downloaded legally by registered Apple developers. Membership for Apple developer’s account can be attained with a fee of $99. By being a legal member, you can get your hands on pre-released iOS versions, developer’s tools and documentation. The subscription to these accounts can be gotten by Apple developer website for minimal charges of $99. We strongly recommend our readers to get their iTunes app legally in order to be on the safe side.


Note: iDevices running earlier versions of iOS will not be able to sync on this iTunes update.