iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 Release for Registered Apple Developers

iOS 5 Beta 6 has been released but in order to sync iDevices having iOS 5 Beta 6, you’ll need iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 which is also, only available to registered Apple developers.


This release can be downloaded legally by registered Apple developers. Membership for Apple developer’s account can be attained with a fee of $99. By being a legal member, you can get your hands on pre-released iOS versions, developer’s tools and documentation. The subscription to these accounts can be gotten by Apple developer website for minimal charges of $99. We strongly recommend our readers to get their iTunes app legally in order to be on the safe side.


Note: iDevices running earlier versions of iOS will not be able to sync on this iTunes update.

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 For Windows And Mac

A short while earlier, Apple launched iOS 5 beta 6 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Along with this, Apple iTunes has released 10.5 Beta 6 for Mac and Windows. Registered developers in the Development Program can now download iPhone beta 6 IPSWs IOS 5 and 10.5 beta 6 from iTunes Portal Developers.

The beta firmware and software can not be accessed if a user is not registered in the iPhone Developer Program (costing $99 per year) because beta firmware for both devices and IOS software iTunes for Windows and Mac is strictly intended for developers.

Registered Developers can download iTunes files 10.5 Beta 6 for Windows and Mac through the developer portal, where all relevant files can be easily found.

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 6 for Windows 64 bit
Download iTunes 10.5 beta 6 for Windows 32 bit
Download iTunes 10.5 beta 6 for Mac