“Let’s Talk iPhone” iPhone 5 Media Event To Be Held On October 4th – Apple”

It’s official people! Apple has just announced iPhone 5 Media Event to be held on the 4th of October. The news comes to us as less of a surprise and more of a relief. We were getting tired of hearing all the rumors bubbling up from everywhere around the world. So, here is the big moment, iPhone fanatics. Apple has finally gone public with the media event which is taking place at Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA., at 10:00 am Pacific Time on the 4th October.


This Media Event is pretty special actually. Reasons being that this is going to be Tim Cook’s first event (as the CEO of Apple) presenting the keynote. And iPhone hardware upgrade is expected to be announced in this event (the last iPhone hardware upgrade was seen in iPhone 3gS).

The harsh storm of rumors seems to be settling now and what we see ahead is just days of rainbows and sunshine (until next year, when the iPhone 6 (perhaps) is announced). So, get ready to grab and save the little that you can ’cause Apple is coming for you and its coming fast.

iPhone 5 To Feature Dual-core, 1GB of RAM, With Advanced Assistant

Time and time again, we have heard rumors about iPhone 5 to have a completely new design with new hardware. Yet again, we have received an anonymous tip that iPhone 5 is going to feature A5 processor, 1GB RAM and its going to be oozing with new features.


According to an Apple Blog:

As we first revealed , Assistant is Apple’s Siri-inspired, system-wide voice navigation system. It so far appears that iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users will be left out in the fun, unfortunately, because the feature requires the A5 CPU and additional RAM.

The system will actually speak back and forth with the user to gain the most information in order to provide the best results. The user essentially can hold a conversation with their iPhone like it is another human being. For example, if a user is making a meeting with me, they will say “setup meeting with Mark” and the first “bubble” of the conversation thread will say that. After that, the system will speak back: “which e-mail address should Mark be notified at, work or personal?” This question will both be spoken out loud by the iPhone Assistant and shown as a new “bubble” in the conversation thread. The user will then respond with the email address they want to notify me at, and the appointment will be made. The iPhone will even show a quick glance at a calendar view to confirm the appointment. If the Assistant was sending an SMS, as another example, a mini SMS view would appear so the user has a quick glance at the SMS thread.

The facts have yet to be separated from the fiction. Only time will tell whether these rumors have substantial credibility or not.

iPhone 4S Concept Design

The rumors about iPhone 4S have been never ending. And the geniuses have created concept designs keeping in mind the recent reports about its specifications and features.

iphone4s-1Below are some designs to make your imagination run wild.

The A5 processor


8 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash


Removable battery & new back cover


WiFi Antenna situated in the lower quarter & iOS 5

iphone4s-5The reports are still not clear whether Apple is going to release 2 iPhones this year or just a low cost, iPhone 4S twin. But that hasn’t stopped us from thinking outside the box. These rumors are going to be confirmed in the next Apple event. Only then we will be able to tell you if the DEVs have it spot on. Stay tuned.

iPhone 5 Launch Delayed

Wintek, iPhone 5 touch panel supplier, is reported to have been encountering issues regarding the production of the panels, thus, delaying the release of the iPhone 5 which was scheduled to release next month.


According to the report:

The defect, “delayed bubble”, is difficult to avoid during panel production, particularly when the defect is not detected during the process of laminating touch panels, and only later found during assembly, the sources said. Since the manufacturing process of touch panels used in iPhone 5 is of the same as that for iPhone 4, Wintek is expected to remedy the defect quickly, the sources indicated.

The problem sounds much similar to the issues faced last year in the production and manufacture of iPhone 4 white. We are hoping for Apple to find a solution soon and not to delay the iPhone 5 as much as the iPhone 4 white. God knows we aren’t ready to take another ‘to release, not to release’ fiasco.

We will keep you updated regarding the iPhone 5.

Apple Starts Assembling iPhone 5 For October Release

It seems like more and more rumors are starting to build up as we are nearing the countdown to iPhone 5′s release. Many have reported the blessed day to come in September, people who disagree say that its possibly being introduced in October.


Today, we have more news on the topic. Apple’s two major manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron, have begun the production and assemblage of iPhone 5′s parts in preparation of  iOS5′s final version, with Foxconn bearing the workload of 85% and the latter, 15%.

If such is the case, then we would be seeing the release of the new generation iDevice in October.

iPhone 5 is rumored to feature 8MP camera and is expected to be thinner, lighter with a wider screen.