iPad 2 Supplies Decreased, Apple Makes Room For iPad 3

We do not even begin to explain to you how the production of Apple devices works. Apple brings in a new iGadget every year for Apple fanatics to celebrate. Our readers cant pretend to be surprised, because this was highly expected, Apple is rumored to be introducing the iPad 3 in the coming few months.

iPad-3According to Digitimes:

Due to inventory adjustments at Apple, LG Display saw its shipments of 9.7-inch panels to Apple decline from three million units in September to 2.5 million units in October. Samsung managed to keep its shipments of 9.7-inch panels flat at two million units in October, while CMI slashed its shipments from 700,000 units to 350,000 units during the same month.

Samsung and Sharp have already started the process of building newer panels for the new iPad and we hear that TPK Holding and Wintek will join the production team soon. Hence, our expectations to see the iPad 3 earlier next year.

We also hear that as soon as the iPad 3 is released, iPad 2 will be available at nominal rates. But that doesn’t make iPad 2 a less of a winner. It is still thought to be the most wanted ‘Christmas Gift’ this year.

iPad 2 HD Launch Cancelled, iPad 3 Expected To Be Announced Soon

Apple has just announced the cancellation of iPad 2 HD version’s release. This means that Apple is looking at 1,000,000 iPad 2 units waiting to be dismantled. According to certain statements, we believe that Apple is planning to launch iPad 3 instead.


According to Peter Misek:

1) iPad 2 HD was canceled (~1M units retooled); 2) Sooner-than- expected iPad 3 launch in late Jan; 3) Retail inventory caution due to potential demand slowdown; 4) Some production shift to Brazil. We see 29M iPads shipped in H2 vs. 14M in H1. We trim our 2011 global tablet forecast from 70M to 65M.

A new wave of rumors for iPad 3 has started now that the iPhone 5 release is eminent by the mid of October and rumors about the next generation iPhone are settling down. If the iPad 3 rumors are in fact legit, then we way be looking at a possible release of the iDevice sooner than expected, maybe in the first quarter of the coming year.

We will keep you updated about the stories that are going to start building up with this extraordinary and unexpected news.

iPad 3 Battery Production To Begin?

For the longest time iPad 3 has held the backseat while iPhone 5 rumors have driven the rumor vehicle. However, today we have been told that 2 companies have been contacted in order to secure deals of supplying battery packs for iPad 3.


The two companies,  Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack Int’l Technology Corp, have been asked to manufacture and produce the new, lighter, thinner battery packs for iPad 3, which may be releasing in early 2012.

According to our inside source, the battery pack is going to be lighter, thinner and is going to have a longer service life. We are told that iPad 3 is going to be even thinner than the current iPad, the iPad 2 and is going to have improved features to attract more customers and compete with its like. This would certainly mean that Apple will have to spend more in order to bring more life to the iPad.

Its going to be an interesting match between the 2 rival companies and the outcome is what is keeping us interested and wanting to keep coming back for more. Apple’s lawsuits against Samsung has certainly made the latter more competitive. However, Apple is looking for ways to improve an already perfect device.

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Apple Phasing-Out Samsung As Their Component Supplier?


The on-going rumors about the new iPad have made it pretty clear that Apple is, in fact, working on a new generation iPad (rumored iPad 3). According to the sources, Apple’s all-time suppliers have already started working on assembling it in small quantities for testing purposes, except for Apple’s longtime trustee, Samsung.

It seems like the rival between the two companies has taken the best of them and its safe to think that Samsung will not be manufacturing any Apple components in the future. Which is quite understandable because Apple certainly wouldn’t want to handover their money and designs to their main competitor.


We are expecting iPad 3′s release to customers in the first quarter of next year.

iPad 3 Expected to Release in 2012

Rumors of the so-called iPad 3 have officially been discarded at least for this year as most sources confirm that iPad 3 will not be releasing in time for this Christmas. iPad 3 is now reported to be introduced in the early 2012, contradicting the previous reports of the iPad being released with the iPhone 5 in the upcoming Apple Convention.


We are expecting many major upgrades and improvements in the new generation iPad 3 but one thing we are almost certain about is that iPad 3 is going to sport a high-resolution 2048×1536 display while having the same display size. This would mean that iPad is going to be electrifying its customers with sharper, crisper display of texts and images. This feature is knows as ‘Retina Display’ and makes the pixels indistinguishable to the naked eye, such as in the iPhone 4.

Such a feature has been unavailable in later models of iPad due to the price increase of bringing Retina Display to a larger screen and this enhancing the price of the iPad itself, which Apple has been avoiding so that they could remain in the game of Technology. A higher-resolution would have to come with more processing power and thus, Apple’s brand new innovation is in order: A6 processor.

Our sources report that a few parts are already being built by suppliers for testing. Still, we will not be able to get our hands on an iPad 3 this year, despite the hype. instead, 2012 seems more likely in terms of iPad 3 release. So, stand down Apple fans, you’re going to have to wait a while for the new tablet.

RoundUp of All iPad 3 Rumors

It wasn’t long ago that Apple rocked the world with its 1st Generation iPad, stylish, worth the money, amazing looks and great functions. But the Tablet Market soon caught up to iPad’s worth and various companies started introducing their own versions of the trusty iPad. It wasn’t a surprise that Apple found out that it needed to take the competition up a notch and so came into existence, the iPad 2.

According to our sources, Steve Jobs has been thinking about introducing the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 at the Apple Convention reportedly taking place in September or October. We have our fingers crossed but lets see what the consumer has in his wish-list for this version of iPad.


Brand New Processor

We are hoping to see a new processor in the iPad 3 which is going to be Apple’s A6. However, at such close quarters we have our doubts that iPad 3 is going to feature anything other than the A5 processor.

HD Screen

Many rumors have been circulating around since earlier this year about iPad 3 having an HD screen. It certainly is on our wish-list.

NFC chip

Since the iPhone 5 rumors started, along came the news that Apple would be using Near Field Communications (NFC) in their device which practically makes it possible for you to use your phone to ‘take over’ nearby Macs and enable you to use its data and settings. We are hearing similar rumors for the iPad 3.

More Storage

iPad 2 has been introduced in 3 models 16/32/64GB storage and all Apple users are aware of it. We are, now more than ever, expecting Apple to come up with a 128GB model.

Thunderbolt port

Considering the recent developments in the MacBook Pro 2011 and MacBook Air and addition of Thunderbolt ports in both the models, we think that it’s safe to say that iPad 3 will be blessed with it too. But we are still not sure if Apple wants to include a USB port in the new model. It is on our wish-list.

SD card slot

We are hoping to see an SD Card Slot for this Version of iPad.

Better Camera

Considering the iPad 2’s rear-facing camera isn’t very fine, we are looking forward to some major improvements in the iPad 3.


We are looking forward to major improvements and more astonishing features by Apple which we know they are capable of. iPad 3 could be the Tablet to bring down Samsung Galaxy Tab, Htc Flyer, BlackBerry Playbook, Motorola Xoom’s market. We just hope that it would be fairly priced so that all Apple lovers would be able to get one of these gadgets in their hands.