iOS 5 Beta 6 Released For iPhone, iPod and iPad

Good news for iOS 5 users, iOS 5 beta 6 has just been released and if you are a registered Apple developer, you can download it right now.

It is suggested that Beta 6 includes slight improvements and many bugs according to our sources. However, the only way to download Beta 6 legally is to be a registered Apple developed which costs $99, if you aren’t a part of the company. By being a being a member you can have access to pre-released seeds if iOS along with tools and documentation for developers.

All developers are requested to update to iOS 5 beta 6 and provide accurate feedback to Apple.  Updating can be done either through over-the air feature which directly updates the firmware without having to connect you iDevice with your PC (considering its not jailbroken) or through iTunes.You’ll need to update to iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 as well, in order to be able to sync your device afterwards.

iOS 5 has unveiled many new features for the iPhone, iPod and iPad users, such as:

1. Notification Center

2. Newsstand

3. Enhanced to Mobile Safari (such as Reader mode and a new tab layout)

4. System-wide Twitter integration

5. Enhanced Camera app

6. And allowing new devices to be activated without a connection to iTunes.


Apple is going to release the final version of iOS 5 this fall.