Leaked Pictures Of iPhone 5 Processor & Battery Units

Since long we have been hearing about iPhone 5 to feature new hardware and software but we have had no proof until now. Below are a few snapshots of the A5 processor and the 1430 mAH battery.

a5 processorAccording to an Apple Developer blog:

It is not an iPad 2 chip, since it looks rather different, as you can see in the iFixit teardown pictures below. It bears some resemblance to the current chipset layout in the iPhone 4, but is different than the A4 as well.


These pictures have given more credibility to the rumors about new generation iDevice featuring A5 processor. The battle between smartphone companies this year is going to be a fierce one and it would be interesting to see which of them comes out victorious.

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders To Start By The End Of September?

We have been told by our sources that China Telecom is allegedly starting the Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 by the end of this month & start delivering them in October. We are certainly willing to take China Telecom’s word for it as they are one of the largest Wireless Service Providers.

China Telecom

‘Dragon Plan’ as China Telecom has nicknamed it, dictates that they will manufacture and deliver $234.5 million iPhone 5. They have already started training their employees for the upcoming release and ad campaigns to attract more customers.

According to our source:

China Telecom has instructed some of its provincial branches to begin preparations for the sales of the iPhone 5, including conducting staff training, and the operator will accept orders for the phone at the earliest at end September, reports Southern Metropolis Daily, citing a company insider.
According to the report, a LED screen at the Changan Road branch of China Telecom had started advertising the forthcoming debut of the iPhone 5.

It seems like Apple is ready to ‘take-off’. And we are certainly in for the ride! Lets see how this journey ends.

Photo Taken By iPhone 5′s Camera

We have all heard about the iPhone 5′s camera module and the wonders it can do but no one has given us a look at what exactly it CAN do! That’s all about to change today. We have a picture for you taken by none-other than that iPhone 5 itself.


1 (1)


Rumors about iPhone 5 sporting an 8MP camera now seen to be true. The camera result is astonishing and mouthwatering for gadget enthusiasts like us. High quality and clarity with a top class cellphone is all we needed.

Thank you, Apple!

Apple Starts Assembling iPhone 5 For October Release

It seems like more and more rumors are starting to build up as we are nearing the countdown to iPhone 5′s release. Many have reported the blessed day to come in September, people who disagree say that its possibly being introduced in October.


Today, we have more news on the topic. Apple’s two major manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron, have begun the production and assemblage of iPhone 5′s parts in preparation of  iOS5′s final version, with Foxconn bearing the workload of 85% and the latter, 15%.

If such is the case, then we would be seeing the release of the new generation iDevice in October.

iPhone 5 is rumored to feature 8MP camera and is expected to be thinner, lighter with a wider screen.

CEO, Tim Cook is ‘Thinking Printers”.

Now that Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple, its time to meet the new face of the Billion Dollar Company.

Presenting to you, Mr.Tim Cook.


As soon as Tim Cook took hold of his office, he announced a meeting with the shareholders and the press members. & surprisingly told his audience that he’s ‘Thinking Printers’. & even more terrifyingly, thinking about postponing iPhone 5 for 4 years.

Tim Cook is reported to have said and we quote,

“Laser, ink-jet, double-sided, color, black-and-white—the future of technology is in printers. I am absolutely convinced of that,”

“What is the one thing people will always need? It’s obvious: printers. Printers with fax machines attached, printers that collate and staple, perhaps a printer that makes photocopies. Anything’s possible. It’s called innovation.”