iPad 3 Expected to Release in 2012

Rumors of the so-called iPad 3 have officially been discarded at least for this year as most sources confirm that iPad 3 will not be releasing in time for this Christmas. iPad 3 is now reported to be introduced in the early 2012, contradicting the previous reports of the iPad being released with the iPhone 5 in the upcoming Apple Convention.


We are expecting many major upgrades and improvements in the new generation iPad 3 but one thing we are almost certain about is that iPad 3 is going to sport a high-resolution 2048×1536 display while having the same display size. This would mean that iPad is going to be electrifying its customers with sharper, crisper display of texts and images. This feature is knows as ‘Retina Display’ and makes the pixels indistinguishable to the naked eye, such as in the iPhone 4.

Such a feature has been unavailable in later models of iPad due to the price increase of bringing Retina Display to a larger screen and this enhancing the price of the iPad itself, which Apple has been avoiding so that they could remain in the game of Technology. A higher-resolution would have to come with more processing power and thus, Apple’s brand new innovation is in order: A6 processor.

Our sources report that a few parts are already being built by suppliers for testing. Still, we will not be able to get our hands on an iPad 3 this year, despite the hype. instead, 2012 seems more likely in terms of iPad 3 release. So, stand down Apple fans, you’re going to have to wait a while for the new tablet.