Firmware Update Released For Samsung Galaxy S4 – Something New?

The discussion about two major industries Sense and TouchWiz has been decreased as with the announcement of Google versions HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. But, an AOSP update is still in-line for current owners of those two industries and still consumers need to stay glad with this annoying added baggage now. [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Has Been Announced Now!

At the beginning we had Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and then the second one was Galaxy S4 Mini. Now, Samsung announced another flagship that is Galaxy S4 Active to escort two previous flagships of Samsung. This Galaxy S4 Active has been described as Perfect for adventure, activity and exploration and it would be packed with strong and enternal case (for outdoor use) and it would carry all those technical powers of its predecessor Galaxy S4. [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 “Mini” Appeared On Samsung’s Apps Website! – Really?

The South Korean company is moving forward very well. Last year’s launch of Galaxy S3 Mini makes some expectations for us that Samsung is going to have that same approach with Galaxy S4 “Mini” flagship, this year. Though, rumors didn’t get failed in their mission of spreading headlines. [Read more...]

Is Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheats More Quickly? Positive! [Report]

Well, Korean company has got great guts and performing very well in the world of technology and recently they have landed their new flagship Samsung Galaxy S4But as this new smartphones arrives for full-time attraction among us, the unexpected fault of overheating has been noticed from it. [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Availability And Release Date Confirmed For U.S [Report]

Many of the Android lovers are waiting for the next big release Samsung Galaxy S4, since the last few months. Samsung has just now confirmed that the Galaxy S4 would be available with the vast majority to the retailers, as well as carriers. Korean Company’s next release is the biggest one as we are waiting for it since the last few months.

[Read more...]

Samsung Plans To Make Its Own Retail Stores Inside Best Buys [Report]

Here is Samsung’s another big deal to compete once again with Apple. It looks like Samsung has planned to build 1,400 Retail Shops inside Best Buys in U.S. Its quiet tough to imagine that Samsung is not in mood to get-out of the battlefield. Samsung vs Apple, battle is not yet ended!


According to one famous blog, Samsung has signed the agreement in the end of the last year, that they will be opening 900 retail stores by the month of May, this year. However, many stores for business are expected to be open in this month. It looks like that the whole project would be completed by the month of June, this year.


Well, its about the speed and scale, Samsung has given-up the initial plans of making its own-retail stores, instead of doing it through Best Buys. It is quiet clear to say that, it is not carrying the same status as like Samsung’s own-stores, but it might be easy for Samsung to roll-out. VP of Samsung, Ketrina Dunagan stated on the heading of retail efforts that; “seventy percent of consumers live within 10 miles of a Best Buy.”

Exactly what do we expect that it would look like? It surely depends on the store, as we expect, it would carry 4 tables, each one of them would carry cameras, laptops, phones and tablets, as well as one wall for accessories would be present there and help desk finally. It is clear that the store’s management would be given under the employees of Best Buys, and there would be an specialist too, as expected that he/she would help you with some of the hardware or software issues, not all.

At first, it might make its standard, but in future, it would be much similar to Apple’s store-lites, as expected, but it would carry a lower version then that and it would be scaled-down. It isn’t a bad thing at all.

Let’s see what is going to happen?

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Samsung Galaxy SIV Mini Appeared! [Images]

As we firstly heard about Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, we got excited but later, it makes us disappointed because it was not so cool.


Once again, we have caught some images of Samsung Galaxy S4 and if these images are really true then we are exactly going to be disappointed again because this handset is carrying a svelte body and it doesn’t has ginormous 4.3 inches screen. This android handset looks like having neutered specifications which are similar to his big brother Galaxy S4.

Look at these images below and then we would have some little more discussion about this handset after the jump.






The images above are really strange. Well, we still have a question in our mind that “Why mini mobile devices are not so good and normal like those giant ones?”. It has been rumored that the device is carrying 1.6 GHz Dual-core processor. But why it doesn’t carry full S IV’s 1.9 GHz quad core beast?Even the screen of Galaxy S4 mini has 256ppi and the screen of giant Galaxy S4 has 441ppi. It looks like the small handsets are just like a toys for kids. No doubt! :)

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Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Size Comparison [Images]

Well, it the personal decision as we know that whether someone likes to buy a nice and small smartphone and someone likes to buy an giant tablet device. There are a lot of peoples around, some of them thinks that 6-inch huge smartphone would be perfect in the palm of their hands and some of them thinks that 4-inch Apple-based iPhone would be perfect for them. People would never be able to decide whether which smartphone is best or which one is their need.


As we know, Apple’s iPhone of 4-inch screen is better somewhat its design is much perfect as we wish that it should be. At the other hand, Samsung is also struggling to make as big smart phone as they can, or you can say a little awkward it is. Samsung is ready to box-out its latest flagship that is Galaxy S4 and we can’t ignore it at this stage. Exactly, if we would compare it with Apple, then there is only iPhone 5 that would be compared with Galaxy S4 because iPhone 5 is the last released flagship of Apple.

Well, Samsung is packed up with 5-inch screen that is absolutely attractive. Both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 are absolutely brilliant smartphones and we love both of them. But, Do you know how they look side by side?

A photography designer Martin Hajek have compared both of these smartphones and have captured screenshots of both smartphones to compare them on flickr. Let’s take a look!





You can see in these images above that how attractive is that Galaxy S4. We wish that we must hold them properly in our hands. iPhone 5 looks little minimized than Galaxy S4 by contrast. Both smartphones are great in their own way. It now has been proved that there is no right or wrong if it comes to the screen sizes or smartphones.

You have seen many photos of these two smartphones on the internet absolutely. But, what we have here is the beauty of well designed smartphones. Look those images and think that how lovely these smartphones are. That is what we are showing you and no doubt both smartphones are lovely on their side.

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Apple Launched “Why You’ll Love an iPhone” Web Campaign

Apple have planned to launch the new campaign for iPhone on its website. The campaign has come with the great graphics for new ‘Why iPhone’ page and its new advertising theme on website carries a number of reasons to highlight that ‘Why peoples love an iPhone’, and it also carries a email promotion.

Apple Website

At the ‘Why iPhone’ page, Apple have mentioned everything. The page contains the information about iPhone’s features and even it has highlighted its eight consecutive J.D. Power customer satisfaction awards that Apple have achieved till now. iPhone’s Retina Display, Battery life, powerful A6 chip and much more is written on the ‘Why iPhone’ page.

Apple have launched its new web campaign just two days after the new Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced, the next flagship which would rock the Android world. Samsung is moving forward too fast in its advertising efforts and therefore, Apple’s ad man Ken Segall has argued that Apple have to make inspired advertisements of its own in order to counter Samsung.

Apple is focusing on the experience of using its products while Samsung is totally concentrating on ‘people-based’ ads and that is why Samsung is scoring more points. But however, this time it looks like that Apple’s new campaign would make the connection between the separation by focusing on iPhone’s experience that how people are inspired with it and how they are putting their faith on iPhone.

We wish them best of luck!

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Galaxy S4 Has Been Announced

After a long hold, Samsung finally announced its Galaxy S4 now with everything that you need to know like; specifications, accessories, release date and its price. This hand-device is considering its own efficient fashion, and as we expected its features are including 1080p 5-inch display, 2GB of RAM and quad-core processor. You would be able to see surprises after a little jump that what this handset is actually carrying with it.


Galaxy S4′s Design

As it was reported before that Samsung Galaxy S4 would carry the similarity not only with Samsung Galaxy S3, but also with Galaxy Note II. This smartphone has come with an polycarbonate fascia body and having a beautiful look.


Its weight is almost 130g, and the device is “lighter, slimmer and more solid” then the previous smartphones. Its measuring is 69.8mm x 136.6mm x 7.9mm, that means this handset is easy to hoard in the pocket. Galaxy S3 was a huge handset, therefore, no doubt that Samsung has defeated itself.

It would be available in “White Frost” and “Black Mist” colors, and maybe in Pebble Blue color too.

Samsung has struggled a lot and it is really clear that this device is going to rock.

Galaxy S4′s Display


It is now has been proved that the flagship of Samsung in 2013 would carry an 1080p display. Its display is described as a “Full HD Super AMOLED Display”, the diameter of its screen is 5 inches that is actually impressive and it offers a 441dpi.  One more thing that is caught by our eyes is Adapt Display which adjusts the screen tone to match the environment for lessening the eye pain.

Overall, it looks like that Samsung had did a very much struggle to make this device’s display very much attractive. Samsung has shown a great efforts with another feature that is known as Air Gestures, it means that you can flick through photos, change tracks and whatnot by using the hand-gestures. Another helpful thing that that is noticed is Galaxy S4 is Air View,  it allows a user to hang their fingers above the content to get a quick sneak preview, it is a fantastic feature which will mostly work with photo galleries or mail.

Galaxy S4′s Hardware

Samsung has worked on this device by a couple of time to make it more interesting, as it is based on 1.9GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of LP DDR3 RAM. Device has eight sensors in it and it also includes all-new infrared gesture, temperature, and humidity.

Samsung has gone too far, and has worked a lot on hardware of the device. Device is blessed with fantastic features including Samsung Smart Pause (It will let you to pause the video when you are looking away from the screen), Smart Scroll (It will let you to scroll through the pages by just simply titling your device) and Screen Mirroring. Aren’t they fantastic features?

Galaxy S4′s Software

As we have mentioned the fantastic hardware of this device above, Galaxy S4 is carrying a latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean that is actually great, and if you have noticed above, the device has Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI.

Galaxy S4′s Storage


The device would have a 16/32/64 GB internal Memory, as well as the device is  MicroSD supported. The MicroSD slot would also support memory up-to 64 GB, it means that the high-end device could include 128 Internal and external memory.

Wireless System Of Galaxy S4


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 would be available in 3G and 4G models as you can expect. It would also include LTE roaming as a standard feature.

However, the Wi-Fi connection of the device is looking so impressive, it is actually providing a/b/g/n/ac (HT80). Galaxy S4′s powerful feature is 4G LTE, it supports download speed up-to 100 Mbps, and it provides a upload speed up-to 50 Mbps. It is actually a pretty speed for any user.

The device is also carrying Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS, and the good news is that these features are its standard.

Galaxy S4′s Camera


Samsung Galaxy S4 features a 13 megapixels camera, with the best features besides it. Samsung has did very much struggle to help those who are really interested in photos and video capturing get the most out of galaxy S4. Camera’s drama shot is having a incredible snapping that would take 100 shots per four seconds, and you will be able to choose the best shots from them.

Galaxy S4 also have an front 2 megapixels camera, and the good news is that both cameras can be used at the same time.


Samsung has also introduced the new implementation that is “Sound and Shot”, it allows you to record the five seconds audio before taking a shot. It is specially for those who don’t really need to make a whole video, you can do this by simply going to the scene settings.

One more great feature is Eraser, as you can expect that what it would do for you. It would allow you to simply remove people those who are interrupting while you are taking a beautiful shot. It is quiet helpful feature for photography lovers.

It will include some standard features, as you can expect; HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, Panorama shot, Sports mode, Face Detection and some more.

Galaxy S4′s Battery


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is packed with 2,600 mAH. As the hardware and software of this device is brilliant, its battery would also show an impressive performance.

Complete Galaxy S4′s Specifications


Galaxy S4′s Accessories

Do you know about the accessories of this great handset? No, then here we are gonna mention some great accessories of this beautiful feature.

If you love to play games, then Samsung has launched a great wireless game-pad accessory for gamers. As you know, its name is mentioning that how it would connect to the handset. It is a great hardware game-pad and a great friend of gamers who are really willing to take their gaming experience one step further.

It has a S Health software which has received compliments from 2 more accessories (S Band and Body Scale) that are also announced by Samsung during the presentation. Those 2 accessories would exactly connect with the device via S Health app, and as they would complete syncing, they would track your fitness. The Body Scale would track your weight, as long as the S Band is a calorie tracker. It is much helpful for those who are willing to be in shape.

Wireless Charging was also expected in it. It is considering Wireless Charging that would let you to charge you handset from a little long distance. The device would sit on a pad that is sleek in look and the rest of the work would be done by its wire-free magic charging.

Cases are also called as one of the most important accessory of the device. Samsung would be definitely working on cases now. The cases would be more beautiful in look, more than previous Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3. Means they would be more round in shape and with 5-inch 1080p beauty. Of course, its beauty would force you to keep your hands on it.

Galaxy S4′s Availability and Price

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 would be shipped out to 327 operators across 155 countries around the world, as you know in the end of April, this year.

Its price is not yet confirmed but it has been told that this hand-set would costs the similar price of the previous Galaxy S3.