Google Is Working On iOS And Android Chrome Apps Support


It has been reported that Google is working on kind of toolkit that would help the developers to create native Chrome apps for iOS and Android. It has been expected that this move tooks place to bring desktop Chrome-based packaged apps to the mobile platforms. [Read more...]

Google To Purchase WhatsApp For $1 Billion In This Year [Report]

According to one famous blog, it has been rumored that there is a huge discussion going on between WhatsApp and Google since 4 or 5 weeks ago. Finally, the report exposed that Google is planning to negotiate WhatsApp in $1 Billion.

[Read more...]

Google is Ready to Open Their Own Retail Stores [Report]

Apple has their own retail stores and they called themselves the ‘leader’ of the market today. Apple has an end-to-end retail relationship with its customers, which is now likely to face competition because Google is also seeking to do the same.


It is not a surprising news that Google is eager to open their own retail stores and sell their products themselves instead of selling them through 3rd party retailers. It has been reported that Google is ready to come down on the ground with their own multi-colored retail stores and will sell their products. Acording to the report, Google will start opening their outlets in the end of this year.

Google believes that their stores will be filled with the Nexus smart-phones and tablets, as well as Google Glass spectables that have not been released yet. Google Glass products are anticipated to receive high-range benefits by being sold directly to the customers.


Google’s decision to open retail stores is a big change for the company to gain some momentum. Nobody has an idea where this big change is gonna take the company now, but definitely Google knows their destination and they have long-term, well-thought-of plans to get there. We have also heard that Google will be introducing branded cars with Google’s tag on it.

The ‘Big G’ company is totally in form now, and we hope that this company is going to ‘rock’ – more than before.

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