How To Detect A Fake Facebook Profile Picture?

Are you also annoyed of those fake profile photos on Facebook? Well, it has become a common matter nowadays. Some peoples are using fake profiles photos to troll others and hack their IDs simply for misusing it or to do something else in wrong way. Really, it is happening now and you can be the victim of it too. Scroll down for more important details and info. [Read more...]

Facebook Update: Now You Can Comment With Photo

Facebook is a market-leading social network and this just because of their focus on updates and improvements, in fact as a part of that, an ability to add images in to comments is forthcoming. Users of this most leading social network are already able to add images in to their status updates, but in this new forthcoming update they would be able to add images in the comments. [Read more...]

Angry Birds Friends – Now Available For iOS and Android [Download Now]

Angry Birds have took the vast majority of being popular, as it has been jumping from Facebook to iOS and Android, as well as attracting users of it with its own adventure, and entertainment. The creator Rovio Entertainment has offered this brilliant adventure of Angry Birds Friends for both iOS and Android devices. Download links are given in the end of this post. [Read more...]

Facebook Unveils New Emotion Tool – Get Inside!

The team of Mark Zuckerberg was very much busy since couple of months ago. Last time, Facebook uncovers the Home-Screen for Android, and once again this time, Facebook have rolled out an fantastic new Emotion feature for USA-based users.

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Google To Purchase WhatsApp For $1 Billion In This Year [Report]

According to one famous blog, it has been rumored that there is a huge discussion going on between WhatsApp and Google since 4 or 5 weeks ago. Finally, the report exposed that Google is planning to negotiate WhatsApp in $1 Billion.

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Facebook Home For Android Has Been Announced [Details]

Finally, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed this new development, as anticipated. However, he asked an question that “What if our phones were designed around people and not apps?”. Well, he absolutely asked the question because he had the answer already. Facebook has just decided to focus on its content, instead of the list of apps. The decision of this concept is gonna be used and involved exactly, and we should admit it, as it might take a turn to the Desktop OS as well. Let’s see!


As you know, Facebook is the most popular social networking site (you can say, it is the legend of social networking sites). You will absolutely enjoy the news update from your friends directly on your hand-device.


If you want to “Like” a photo, it would take a double tap and you would successfully do that. You also might be looking to check out the notifications so often, and there is something like “Chat Heads” which is considered as a ‘main course’, because of what, this whole development is called “Facebook Home”. You might be thinking ‘How exactly does Chat Heads work?’. Well, those icons would carry a pictures of your friends and those can be moved anywhere on that place. It would allow you to gain access to all communications with that mentioned person, even you can multi-task with other apps as well on that same time, there. If you have ended the communication with that person, then you would be able to drag his/her icon on the bottom of your device’s screen.



One more thing you must have been anxious to listen is that Facebook Home would just not be available alone in HTC First. There are some other devices other than that. It would be available in HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 (future smartphone) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You can see the image below, regarding the availability of Facebook Home.


Facebook Home would be arriving on 12th of April, which is not too far and waiting to experience it ourselves. Facebook Home would be available for tablets as well, in the months ahead, as anticipated.

Cheers! Hope you guys are really waiting for it, as like us. Don’t worry! Its not too far. Wait, as it would strike your latest Android devices soon.

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The All New Facebook Phone [Leaked Image]

It has been reported that Facebook is going to develop its own Facebook phone. But later after that one, we again heard that Facebook would just work on the Android Home-screen, not on Facebook phone.


According to one famous blog, the event would take place on Thursday to flaunt this new development by Facebook. Here is one image of it that has been leaked. You can check it below!

original (1)

It looks really boring! Yes! But it is much more better then the previous hardware that was designed by Facebook to launch the Facebook phone. Well, this one looks really better and somewhat – baby is growing!

We hope that as it would be disclosed in front of us, then we might enjoy it in palm of our hands. Meanwhile, let’s wait for it until it arrival!.

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Facebook Android Project Is Home-Screen Not Facebook Phone [Report]

Last time we heard that Facebook is going to announce its own Facebook Phone. We believed that it might be true or what, that Facebook is going to develop its own phone that would include everything regarding Facebook. But again, it has been reported that Facebook is going to make a home-screen that would be dedicated to Facebook not Facebook Phone. It would surely display content from all users and even Facebook accounts on a hand-set home-screen.


We firstly heard that Facebook is going to include this feature on HTC cell-phone, but because of this new report, we hope that it would bring this feature to other Android hand-devices as well. It is exposed that Mark Zuckerberg is exactly having “placement deals” with other phone creators. It surely means that what we heard to be announced in the month of April, will not be a Facebook Phone, but a home-screen.


If it is not the Facebook phone, then it might mean that Facebook is making an Android skin for Android devices. Is it? Exactly, what we hope and what we understand is that Facebook is focusing on an heavy Android app that could be available for every Android device, means Facebook wants to spread itself in the world of Android-based devices. Yes, features like News Feed and others would be immediately reachable and visible, as Facebook is focusing on it.

However, if the report above is true, then its aspired that Facebook is working on Android-based devices instead of replacement. It means that Facebook would be mostly integrated with Android devices as it is with Apple. There is a huge battle going on between iPhone and Android. Is Facebook is going to take a side of Android in this battle?

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Facebook To Announce Its Own Facebook Phone Running Android [Report]

We have got an report that now Facebook has gone too far and about to reveal its on Facebook Phone Device that would run Android. According to the report, Facebook have invited press to come and attend their new event in which Facebook would expose their “New Home On Android”. In this post we are going to discuss about it.


Actually we are not completely sure that ‘what is it?’. Either Facebook would be using Android to build a layer of Facebook or they have just build a simple Facebook App as like always? Maybe we would get the correct answer on 4th of next month.

Well, according to the recent report, it has been told that the press event will bring the variety of Facebook Phone. It has also been told that the event will be centered under the HTC smart phone that would include an Android version of “Deep and native Facebook functionality”. Report also says that the device might not contain the whole full version of Android but it would just carry a modification with Android that would be exactly integrated with Facebook.


Well, we expect that sending messages from the Facebook messenger and sharing something really interesting may be the default functionality of Facebook. We also expect that it would work like a Facebook Phone as it looks like a actual Facebook Phone.


The image above is showing that this event would take place on 4th of April. If its really true, then cheers!

Best of Luck and best wishes!

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Facebook Reveals the Modernized Layout of News Feed, Check it Inside!

Facebook’s most important feature is News Feed that is widely useful for any Facebook user, because with the help of this feature, any user can easily stay in touch with his/her friends and family from all around the world. The founder of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” has brought out that the modernized layout of Facebook News Feed for making adjustments to the news stories(like the third party apps, places, pictures and even much more others) on the News Feed, so that they would be more conspicuous for anyone.


Facebook has made it really easier for any user to stay updated with the news on the News Need. You would be able to see the images in the center arrangements with some extra-large size. At the other hand, it is also clear that the redesigning of this main feature means to replace the extra-ordinary text with images that are sometimes present on the feeds of peoples. Facebook would look more attractive with just some amount of text with images. Well, these changes would just not apply for those images that would be uploaded on that time, but you would also be able to see these changing in images of the third party apps too, like Facebook’s own Instagram. This layout of News Feed is really interesting and enjoyable for those who loves Photography and just want to take a look around on the News Feeds. Just photos, news articles and places would not be conspicuous, but also advertisements would be too.



Additionally, News Feed is also updated with the filtration of what choice of feeds you want to look at – in the side bar; “All Friends” would display all friends recent activity in sequence. You can click on “Photos” to see recent photos uploaded by your friends, “Music” to see those concerts that are recently liked by your friends and also if they took place in or around your area. There are many other filters that would provide you an increased information. There is another addition in the News Feed which is “Upcoming Events”, that would give you a direct look on the events on the News Feed that are being attended by your friends, means you don’t have to click on the section of “Events”.


After all, Facebook has focused to made these changing in all platforms like; smartphones and tablets, even their web designers are trying to update this layout in all screen sizes and they are trying their best.

If you want this layout, just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: First of all go  to:

Step 2: Scroll down and Click on “Join Waiting List”.


If you are joining the waiting list, then you would quickly be able to enjoy this News Feed update, otherwise, it would take much time for you to see these News Feed changes until they show off. First of all, these changes would be applied in web and iOS devices, then it would take place in Android and in all other well-known mobile platforms. We wish them all the best for their remaining work and for their future plans. Thumbs up!

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